“RD SMART” – the company that aims to become a leading technology company of the future is continuously applying innovative technology and bringing novel tech solutions. Moreover, “RD SMART” is also doing research and investment plan in the high potential area of the country which is solar energy.
Efficiently using the resources is also a contribution to the development of the economy of the country, increasing export potential, preserving the ecology and energy resources, making “Made in Azerbaijan” products widely available in the world.

“RD SMART” uses innovative technologies and renewable energy resources in its all projects with the goal of providing world-class service. RD SMART – Smart technology products manufacturer of Azerbaijan – is specialized in innovative products developed through research and development. As the main goal of “RD SMART” is to provide various products and services to fulfill the customer needs, it also provides technological projects based on the novel market needs by keeping up to date with the world’s trends. We are putting a difference among competing companies by using our corporative values and by providing engineering, supply, construction, maintenance, and business services.